The renovation of Paradise Park was a huge success! Many youth volunteers from NEST! came to help construct the sight that Paradise Park is today! Bird houses were created and used to display the several bird feeders purchased from the local Agway. Many volunteers later revisited the park to plant the several trees and bushes that were donated by Big Woods Nursery. After hours of pulling and tugging roots from the ground, gorgeous new forms of life were planted and continue to remain in the park. Representatives from NEST! also created new wooden benches that were added to the scenic view of Paradise Park. Overall, the park creation resulted from countless hours of teamwork from dedicated NEST! members who continue to be thanked for their effort. Also, a special thanks to Big Woods Nursery and Agway for their contribution to the project!

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Recent Projects: Home Run Garden

Early in 2014 an old condemned playground was removed at the NE Recreational Complex which is Open Space.  The area had become overgrown and had left over concrete and landscaping fabric in the ground so the idea of having a garden there was spurred by necessity to reclaim the space for public enjoyment.  In that same period of time NEST! president William Lewis was approached by a local Boy Scout looking for ideas for his Eagle Scout project.  NEST! president said, “We offered up several ideas and projects we had on our wish list and he was enthusiastic about a Chimney Swift tower. After we met with the young man we knew this project would turn into something wonderful.  The young man was full of energy, goal focused, and very detail orientated.

Paradise Park Update

With a contact at the USDA we were able to provide a tested and true blueprint for the scout to work off to build the Chimney swift tower.”

That project was the initial development phase of what has now become not only a haven for chimney swifts but for butterflies, insects, raccoons, and 2 legged humans.  This project could not have been achieved without local business support and NEST! volunteers.  Thank you to local businesses that have donated not once but multiple times over the years and continue to support this gem in New Egypt.  Those businesses are in particular order: Big Woods Nursery, Animals & Garden Unlimited (AGU), Herman’s Landscape Supply, ArborVision Tree Service, Boy Scout troop 109, Al’s Signs and Truck Lettering, Bev Vienckowski Graphic Design LLC, Kempton Flags, and Plumsted Township staff.

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Project Time Line

2014- The months of July and August NEST! garnered community support in the form of support letters from surrounding community groups that would have a major stake in the project; Plumsted Presbyterian Church, NE Baseball Association, and local MOMS club. Wednesday July 6th 2014 NEST! and the local Boy Scout Anthony Plaag arranged to be part of the agenda for the local township committee and gave a PowerPoint presentation to ensure the Mayor and committee approved and granted permission to move on with the project.

2015- February  NEST! team wrote the content, designed the layout, and ordered two interpretive park signs.

2015- May 23rd we worked with AGU who donated lumber for the 8’X8’ (3) flower beds.  Volunteers built the beds, installed them, and marked out the layout of the rest of Home Run Garden.  Later the flower beds were rototilled and prepped for plantings. 

2015- June the scout erected the Chimney Swift tower that was prebuilt in pieces at another location.

2015- Monarch tagging demo and release parties

2016- March timeframe two park benches were donated and installed.

2016- April NEST! president donated a 21’ flag pole and a $165 3X5 nylon flag was created and donated  by Kempton Flag LLC with the NEST! logo on it for the HRG area.

2016- July additional milkweed was planted adding a large grove of common milkweed which was donated by Big Woods Nursery.  Each spring through July as the garden matures we have had to add or cutback plants.  The goal is to always add native species that are less reliant on water, butterfly food, and never enough milkweed plantings.

2016- Several Monarch Release parties

2017- Doubled the outfield which now the baseball diamond is complete with home plate, 3 flower bed bases, pitcher’s mound butterfly bush, right field of zinnias and left field of zinnias with stepping stone path, and foul posts with Butterfly Crossing signage.

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